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Best Anthem Weapon Build Combinations For Perfect Synergy


Best Anthem Weapon Build Combinations For Perfect Synergy

After reaching level 25, Masterwork weapons become available – and from this point forward gun play changes heavily in Anthem. Masterwork and Legendary abilities grant amazing effects and buffs, and the weapons you choose become integral to your loadout, even if you don’t use them exclusively. For those looking for synergy and efficiency in their weapon choices, we’ve compiled a list of the best weapon combinations in Anthem.

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Avenging Herald – Death From Above

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First on our list is a hover-based combo between the Avenging Herald and Death From Above. Perfect for the Storm or Ranger, these weapons both boost damage output while hovering.

What makes this combo truly devastating is the fact that both weapons contribute their abilities passively, so regardless of which weapon you are using, you will receive the benefits of both.

Though it requires consistent hovering to fully utilize, you will see a 200% increase in damage and 65% bonus in weak point damage while doing so, making it more than worth it.

This post was originally written by David McGovern.

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