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Best Anthem Weapon Build Combinations For Perfect Synergy


Best Anthem Weapon Build Combinations For Perfect Synergy

After reaching level 25, Masterwork weapons become available – and from this point forward gun play changes heavily in Anthem. Masterwork and Legendary abilities grant amazing effects and buffs, and the weapons you choose become integral to your loadout, even if you don’t use them exclusively. For those looking for synergy and efficiency in their weapon choices, we’ve compiled a list of the best weapon combinations in Anthem.

Be sure to visit here if you want a full list of Masterwork and Legendary weapons and drops, and here to learn the best ways to get them!

Avenging Herald – Death From Above

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First on our list is a hover-based combo between the Avenging Herald and Death From Above. Perfect for the Storm or Ranger, these weapons both boost damage output while hovering.

What makes this combo truly devastating is the fact that both weapons contribute their abilities passively, so regardless of which weapon you are using, you will receive the benefits of both.

Though it requires consistent hovering to fully utilize, you will see a 200% increase in damage and 65% bonus in weak point damage while doing so, making it more than worth it.

This post was originally written by David McGovern.

Ralner’s Blaze – Truth of Tarsis

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This weapon combination is one of the most self-sufficient in Anthem, allowing the user to prime combos and detonate them from a distance for massive damage.

Ralner’s Blaze ignites an enemy after five consecutive hits, dealing damage over time while also prepping them for a shot from the Truth of Tarsis.

It fires an explosive round that detonates chain combos when it strikes an enemy’s weak point, allowing for some serious damage output when paired with Ralner’s Blaze. For more information on combos, we’ve got all you need right here.

Siege Breaker – Artinia’s Gambit

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Creating a solid support-based combo, the Siege Breaker and Artinia’s Gambit come together to form a team that slows waves of enemies down while also dealing impressive damage.

The Siege Breaker is a sniper rifle that fires automatically with low recoil, and its Masterwork/Legendary ability allows it to freeze targets upon a three-hit-streak.

After freezing enemies from afar, priming them for combos from teammates, switch to Artinia’s Gambit, and lay down heavy cover fire.

Move in close to primed enemies during your reload to detonate explosive combos around you, further clearing the way for your teammates.

Papa Pump – Unending Battle

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Perfect for Interceptors in Anthem or those who like to be up close to the action, this weapon combination allows for massive damage potential – if you’re willing to take the required risks.

Unending Battle will drastically increase your weapon and melee damage when fighting Elite-ranked or higher enemies at point-blank range, and Papa Pump will gain bonus damage and stagger with every shell reloaded, up to two stacks.

After unloading a clip from Unending Battle, switch to Papa Pump, firing only two shots before reloading, and charging in further. You will quickly cut through groups of enemies, just remember that Anthem’s higher difficulties are unforgiving, so don’t get caught reloading in the middle of a crowd!

Elemental Rage – Avenging Herald

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A tried and true tool for Storms, Elemental Rage is a wonderful assault rifle that grants a boost to all elemental damage whenever you hit an Elite enemy – 5% for 10 seconds – and it stacks up to 20 times.

Combine with the amazing damage boost while hovering granted through the Avenging Herald, and you’ve got a Storm or Ranger build that will allow you to control the battlefield from above.

Find a good vantage point to hover, and swap from the Avenging Herald to your Elemental Rage to rain down upon your foes at bonus damage.

Once you’ve built up a huge elemental damage boost, use your abilities to destroy whatever is left, dealing up to 100% extra elemental damage.

Be sure to read up here if you’re running the Storm and want to further increase your damage!

Sentinel’s Vengeance – Endless Siege

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When you need to go full-tank in Anthem, this Colossus weapon pair will not leave you wanting for more. Built around raw-damage and providing a wall of cover fire, Endless Siege’s legendary ability increases its damage and magazine size by 100%.

This compliments Sentinel’s Vengeance well, which fires sticky grenades that detonate into pools of acid after killstreaks. Make short work of waves of enemies by firing Sentinel’s Vengeance into areas where they are clustered, then mow them down with Endless Siege. No fancy combos here – just raw power.

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