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7 Game Worlds That Would Be Incredible in VR


7 Game Worlds That Would Be Incredible in VR

The Witness

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Puzzles are The Witness’ focus. You progress through the game by learning the rules of each puzzle type, often staring at one board for what seems like hours as you try to work it out.

Testing solutions and using trial and error are what you’ll spend most of your time doing, but the puzzles aren’t what immediately stands out as you start playing.

The world of The Witness is beautiful. Each vastly different area is incredibly vibrant, with you walking through everything from vast desert areas to a dense autumnal forest, and the colors are accentuated.

Not only would playing in VR increase your focus on the puzzles, just as Tetris Effect does on its own board, but simply wandering around the landscape between attempts would be incredible, immersing you in the mystery of the world as well as the puzzles.

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