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5 Worst Video Game Reboots That Tried, But Failed


5 Worst Video Game Reboots That Tried, But Failed

Video Game Series Reboots That Failed

DmC: Devil May Cry

DMC: Devil May Cry, Video Game Series Reboots

Though the Devil May Cry Series has now returned to its original line of games with Devil May Cry 5, the series was once set to go in a completely different direction via DMC: Devil May Cry.

Rebooted with a punk/grunge aesthetic courtesy of developer Ninja Theory, the series saw its lore, characters, art style and music completely revamped in preparation of being taken in a completely new direction, along with some minor tweaks made to the core gameplay.

It was a bold move, but one both Ninja Theory and the series’ owner Capcom thought would be well received.

Unfortunately, the response ended up being far more mixed. While critics and fans alike lauded DMC for its fluid gameplay, the new style that permeated the series put old fans off while failing to attract a wider audience.

The edgier take on Dante, as well as the flat take on Virgil and other villains’ characteristics, also didn’t help matters, angering older fans and annoying most new ones that tried to give it a shot.

This got slightly better with some minor tweaks made to a later port of the game, but overall the title remains the black sheep of the series proper.

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