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Two Point Hospital: Are There Cheats? Answered

Two Point Hospital, cheats

Two Point Hospital: Are There Cheats? Answered

Are There Cheats in Two Point Hospital? Answered

Theme Hospital fans will be stoked that they finally have a spiritual successor to that iconic 90s game. In Two Point Hospital, they’ll once again be able to operate a private hospital, upgrading its facilities and curing patients along the way. Of course, it shares more than a few mechanics with the game it’s inspired by, but are there cheats in Two Point Hospital? We’ve got your answer.

Theme Hospital featured plenty of cheats that basically gave players some optional creative freedom if they wanted to experiment. Cheats like infinite money, having access to all rooms, and skipping forward in time accelerated the game for anyone that wasn’t keen to put in the hard yards.

Because of that lineage, many Two Point Hospital players assume that the game features similar cheats. Unfortunately, though, that isn’t the case. There are no cheats in the game.

You can use special ‘trainer’ mods from websites like WeMod, which actually install patches onto your game that create cheats. But from what we can tell the results are a bit mixed, with many users reporting the cheats either don’t work or bug out their games entirely.

Still, you might be able to find a workaround if you’re desperate to get them working.

For everyone else, you’ll just have to go about earning money and upgrading your hospital the old-fashioned way. We recommend checking out our beginner tips and tricks page if you’re struggling to get to grips with the game’s systems and could use some pointers on how to earn money quickly.

That is everything we know about whether there are cheats in Two Point Hospital. For more information and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite. For our impressions on the game, you can read our full review of the game here.

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