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Trails of Cold Steel PS4: How to Get DLC Items

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Trails of Cold Steel PS4: How to Get DLC Items

How to Get DLC Items in Trails of Cold Steel PS4

Trails of Cold Steel on PS4 is the most all-encompassing version of the classic JRPG originally released on PS Vita and PS3. In addition to the base game, the PS4 version sports upgraded graphics, new streamlining features like Turbo Mode, and every bit of DLC. Of course, you might be wondering how to get DLC items in Trails of Cold Steel PS4.

There was a wealth of different DLC items original released for Trails of Cold Steel, from casual outfits for each character to material and item packs that can help give you a head start early on in the game, which is nice for a JRPG as lengthy as Trails of Cold Steel.

Luckily, the PS4 version of the game features each and every bit of DLC, and even better it’s available right from the very start. In order to get DLC items all you need to do is open the main menu with triangle, then go to the Item menu. From there use L1 or R1 to tab all the way over to the DLC tab.

Now just select the item you want and press X to use it, instantly adding whatever item or costume to your inventory. Even if you don’t have a character in your party you can still use their costume DLC, and simply change them into it when they do join your party.

Here’s a full list of all the DLC items immediately available in Trails of Cold Steel PS4:

  • Rean’s Casual Clothes
  • Alisa’ Casual Clothes
  • Elliot’s Casual Clothes
  • Laura’s Casual Clothes
  • Machias’ Casual Clothes
  • Emma’s Casual Clothes
  • Jusis’ Casual Clothes
  • Fie’s Casual Clothes
  • Gaius’ Casual Clothes
  • Millium’s Casual Clothes
  • Crow’s Casual Clothes
  • Faceplate – Rean
  • Faceplate – Alisa
  • Faceplate – Elliot
  • Faceplate – Laura
  • Faceplate – Machias
  • Faceplate – Emma
  • Faceplate – Jusis
  • Faceplate – Fie
  • Faceplate – Gaius
  • Faceplate – Millium
  • Faceplate – Crow
  • Ride-Along Mishy
  • Ride-Along Noi
  • Bunny Ears
  • Free Trial Pack
  • Free Trial Pack 2
  • Free Trial Pack 3
  • Sepith Pack
  • Handy Accessories Pack
  • Monstrous Ingredients Pack
  • Valuable Healing Items Pack
  • Zeram Powder Pack
  • Zeram Capsule Pack
  • Shining Pom Bait Trial Set
  • Shining Pom Bait Pack 1
  • Shining Pom Bait Pack 2
  • Shining Pom Bait Pack 3
  • Shining Pom Bait Pack 4
  • Shining Pom Bait Pack 5
  • Shining Pom Bait Value Pack 1
  • Shining Pom Bait Value Pack 2

That’s everything you need to know about how to get DLC items in Trails of Cold Steel PS4. For even more tips and info on the Trails games make sure to search Twinfinite. You can even check out our op-ed on why the Trails of Cold Steel series deserves more attention.

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