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Stadia Games and Entertainment Established as First Party Development Studio for Google Platform

Stadia Games and Entertainment, Google

Stadia Games and Entertainment Established as First Party Development Studio for Google Platform

Google’s new digital gaming and development platform Stadia will have First Party support right out the gate thanks to Google’s newly founded first party development studio Stadia Games and Entertainment.

Revealed at Google’s GDC 2019 Keynote centered around Stadia’s Unveiling, the studio will offer first party titles for the new platform dedicated to playing, streaming and sharing games.

The studio is set to be headed by Jade Raymond, founder of Ubisoft Montreal and a longtime veteran of the video game industry.

Raymond took to the stage at the Keynote to speak on the power of the platform and Stadia Games and Entertainment’s goals as a developer.

“I’m excited to announce that as the head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, I will not only be bringing first party game studios to reimagine the new generation of games,” She said.

“Our team will also be working with external developers to make all of the bleeding edge google technology you’ve seen here today available to partner studios big and small.”

The announcement came as part of Stadia’s larger reveal by Google. Offering a bevy of development, play and streaming options under one platform, Stadia will be available for use by anyone via Chrome Browser.

The platform is touted to also offer no lag regardless of the strength of the PC or choice of device used, and players can dive directly into a game from a stream’s link with no download times and a targeted five second load time.

Stadia players can also supposedly stream their gaming sessions seamlessly, and will be able to upload a saved stream of their play session to YouTube almost instantly should they so choose.

Stadia is set to launch sometime later this year, with a launch window of 2019. There’s plenty more news on Stadia to come too, so stay tuned to for all the latest info.

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