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Sekiro: Where to Find Divine Confetti & What It Does

Divine Confetti

Sekiro: Where to Find Divine Confetti & What It Does

Where to Find Divine Confetti & What It Does in Sekiro

Sekiro features dozens of different enemy types, which often require more than just adept sword skill to defeat. You’ll sometimes need to make sure you have the right sorts of items in your inventory to overcome them. Here’s where to find Divine Confetti and what it does in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

You’ll likely have encountered the ghost-like enemies that Sekiro isn’t able to strike with standard attacks. They include the Headless, Shichimen Warrior, and O’Rin of the Water enemies.

This is where Devine Confetti comes in, a substance that coat’s his sword with a purple glow that enables one to hit these apparitions. Multiple attacks dispel the effect that these enemies do, so you’ll want to get in and hit them hard when your blade is glowing purple.

Where to Find Divine Confetti

There are lots of places to find Divine Confetti throughout Sekiro. Once you’ve gathered what is available as items spread across the map, though, you’ll be wanting a more consistent source. Unfortunately, there’s only really one enemy type that actually drops it.

Travel to the Antechamber Sculptor’s Idol located in Ashina Castle and locate the Blue-Robed Samurai near the Upper Tower. This enemy has a small chance of dropping Devine Confetti, but do remember to use a balloon to increase your drop chances.

Later in the game you’ll actually be able to unlock infinite Devine Confetti. After defeating the Corrupted Monk at the Fountainhead Palace and receiving the Dragon’s Tally Board, it will be available for purchase from Fujioka the Info Broker at the Dilapidated Temple for 300 sen.

For all the locations the confetti is available as a one-off item, see below:

  • Given by the praying woman at Ashina Castle (must use balloon next to her)
  • Underbridge Valley Sculptor’s Idol in Ashina Outskirts
  • Hirata Estate – Main Hall Idol
  • Hirata Estate
  • Ashina Depths x5
  • After finding the Dried Serpent Viscera in the Sunken Valley Passage behind the Giant Snake x3
  • Sunken Valley – In a small camp filled with Poisonous Lizards past
  • Sunken Valley Passage – In the serpent cave
  • Mibu Village – By the beheaded Buddha statue near the drinking NPC x5
  • Fountainhead Palace – inside the building of the noble courtyard, next to the hold in the ground x2
  • Fountainhead Palace – from the Flower Viewing Idol by the Pagoda x3
  • Fountainhead Palace – Next to Pot Noble Koremori x2

That does it for where to find Divine Confetti and what it does in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search our wiki page.

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