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One Piece World Seeker: Where to Find Spiky Carrots

One Piece: World Seeker, Where to Find Spiky Carrots

One Piece World Seeker: Where to Find Spiky Carrots

Where to Find Spiky Carrots in One Piece World Seeker

One Piece: World Seeker isn’t always clear about where to find items for its side missions. As such, we’re here to help you figure out where to find Spiky Carrots for the Navy Directives side mission.

Early on in the game, a side mission can be unlocked that tasks you with finding some navy directives detailing the true plans of the government force.

To get them though, you’ll first have to gather ingredients to give to the person who last saw them. This entails gathering the vegetable material Spiky Carrots, typically found in the Ruby Village fields.

While this seems simple enough at first, it can become a headache once you arrive at Ruby village to find fields scattered around the area, with no indication of which one contains Spiky Carrots.

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work so that you can grab the materials you need immediately.

Where the Right Field Is

Immediately after fast traveling to Ruby Village, head right along the road until you reach a small garden patch with a farmer standing inside it. This will be directly in front of another garden with a villager standing off to the left.

One Piece: World Seeker, Spikey Carrot Location

Both fields have a very high spawn rate for Spiky Carrots, and during the mission at least one of them is guaranteed to have some on hand.

Search around the gardens for small blue glimmers. If you’re having trouble seeing them, use your Observation Haki to hi light them by holding down L1 and pressing R1.

Once you spot some glimmers, examine them with the X button. This should yield plenty of Spiky Carrots that you can then use to complete the mission.

Hopefully this cleared up where to find Spiky Carrots. For more on One Piece: World Seeker, check out our guide wiki for tips, tricks and info.

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