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5 Ports That Actually Play Better on the Switch


5 Ports That Actually Play Better on the Switch

5 Switch Ports That Actually Play Better on Nintendo

Disgaea 5 Complete

Disgaea 5 complete, switch, port

The Disgaea series has always found another home on handheld devices, such as the PSP and PS Vita. The same can be said for the Disgaea 5 Complete port, which found its way to the Nintendo Switch nearly two years ago.

Like most Disgaea ports, 5 Complete came with all of the content released so far. The series is known for having a boatload of DLC, and all of that was neatly packaged into the Complete Edition. And while Disgaea 5 Complete is also on PC, it lacks the network functions that the Nintendo Switch comes with.

On top of that, the Switch also has another edge with its portability factor. Letting you take the game with you on-the-go is perfect for those long maps that you can’t really finish in one sitting. Wrap all of these factors together and you have one of the best ports on the Nintendo Switch.

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