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MLB The Show 19: How to Slide (Headfirst & Feet First)

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MLB The Show 19: How to Slide (Headfirst & Feet First)

How to Slide in MLB the Show 19

Of all the gameplay aspects in MLB the Show 19 that give new players, and even veterans sometimes, a headache is base running. Not only is it fundamental in the real version, it’s crucial to understand it in-game too. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to slide in MLB the Show 19. Here’s how you do it.

Sliding in MLB the Show 19 is important because it gives you a better chance of reaching base safely, and avoiding the tag of a defensive player. Whether you’re playing RTTS, Diamond Dynasty, the new Moments, or Franchise, you’ll want to micromanage when your controlled player slides.

There are two types of slides in MLB the Show 19: headfirst and feet first slides.

Diving in Headfirst

This is the more common type of sliding that you’ll want to do in MLB the Show 19. To headfirst slide, press up on the right analog stick while you have a player selected. The player will dive headfirst and try to avoid a tag when he approaches the bag.

The situation where you would want to use a headfirst slide is when you’re trying to avoid a tag. The player will go off to the side to get a hand on the bag while also dodging a tag. Such as trying to avoid the catcher in a play at home plate for a run.

This is ideal in situations where there isn’t a force on the bag. Or in simpler terms, scenarios where there isn’t a runner at the base behind you and the defensive player has to actually tag you.

This can take place on any base except first base on a base hit. The only time you need to avoid a tag at first base is when there’s a pick off attempt going on.

During a pick off attempt, if you’re not caught out in the middle of first and second, the AI will automatically trigger the slide for you. If, however, you’re caught in a run down, and are considered a live runner, you can then trigger a headfirst slide in the same way we described above.

Feet first Sliding in MLB the Show 19

A feet first slide is best used when you don’t care about dodging the tag, you just want to touch the bag as quickly as possible. The most common scenario for this is when you’re either tagging up or you misjudged a tag opportunity, and you need to get back to your original base as soon as possible.

To feet first slide in MLB the Show 19, press down on the right analog stick when approaching a bag. Feet first slides are also effective in breaking up a double play at second base.

The second baseman will be forced to dodge you if you’re coming in feet first, and if his defensive stats are poor, it could lead to an errant throw or no throw at all. This slide is often triggered automatically by the AI.

That does it for how to slide in MLB The Show 19. Best of luck out there in this year’s edition and be sure to let us know in the comments below if you still have any more questions.

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