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MLB The Show 19: How to Get a Hold & What it Is

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MLB The Show 19: How to Get a Hold & What it Is

How to Get a Hold & What it Is in MLB The Show 19

Baseball fans love stats. Probably more than any other any sport on the planet, baseball fans get wrapped up in some crazy stats. One of those “crazy stats” is the Hold. We’re going to explain how to get a hold, and what it actually is in MLB The Show 19. 

Whether you’re a fan of MLB the Show 19‘s Franchise mode, Diamond Dynasty, or something else, the hold is a stat that will be relevant to you. Specifically in Diamond Dynasty, you might be asked to get a certain amount of holds for some kind of challenge for a card.

A hold is a stat designed to track the effectiveness of relief pitcher. A relief pitcher is awarded a hold when they enter the game with a three run or less lead, and hand the ball off to the next pitcher with that lead still intact.

Basically it’s very similar to the save, but for relief pitchers. The big difference is that you get a save if you end the game, and you get a hold instead if there’s another pitcher that comes after you.

You can grind out lots of them easily if you wanted them by swapping in a relief pitcher after every out you get with that one to three run lead still intact. Every pitcher that comes in, and leaves will get a hold even for just pitching 1/3 of an inning, just make sure you leave yourself enough pitchers to actually finish the game.

Keep in mind though, you will not get a hold in MLB The Show 19 if you are losing, or the lead is more than three runs or if the pitcher stays in and just ends up getting a save instead. So keep that in mind if you’re noticing that you’re not getting them.

That’s it for how to get holds in MLB The Show 19 and what they are. Hopefully that clears things up for you heading into this season. Let us know in the comments if you’re still a bit confused.

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