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Life After: How to Make Food


Life After: How to Make Food

How to Make Food in Life After

Life After is a survival zombie game developed for mobile Android and iOS device and because of that, you can expect to eat food in-game — it’s how you survive after all! Here’s how to make food in Life After.

A survival game wouldn’t be a survival game without some kind of mechanic that dictates how much your character can or can’t do. In some games, it’s skill points and in others, it’s food. Life After falls into the latter.

Throughout your journey in Life After, you’ll need to eat food to maintain energy. Your energy allows you to do other necessary things to survive like chop wood and attack zombies.

It’s easy to run out of energy, but fortunately, it’s just as easy to eat food, as long as you know how to make it.

To make food in Life After, the first thing you need to do is scavenge for things to create food. This includes meat, berries and other goods.

Once you’ve gathered enough, bring it back to your camp (which you should definitely have if you plan to cook food). At your camp, select one of your cooking devices, which can include a stove or even a grill.

Once you select one of these, a menu will be brought up that shows where you can put resources like meat and berries. Follow the recipe that pops up in your journal and place the resources in the appropriate place.

Once you’ve done that, allow the food to cook (which can take shorter or longer depending on what exactly you’re cooking) and when it’s done, remove it from the stove or grill and either store it in your bag or eat it.

If you eat it, you should see your energy levels rise. If you don’t need energy, you can always store the food in your bag but by doing so, you run the risk of losing it upon death.

You can also store this food in a chest or box in your camp so that it’s safe and secure while you’re out scavenging for something else. Of course, the choice is always yours.

That does it for how to make food in Life After. For more information about Life After, be sure to check out Twinfinite for news, guides and more for this mobile game. We’ve also got news, previews, reviews, op-eds, features and guides for all of your other favorite games as well.

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