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Fortnite and Weezer Team Up to Promote New Album

Fortnite, Weezer

Fortnite and Weezer Team Up to Promote New Album

Rock band Weezer is collaborating with Epic Games to promote the release of their latest album with a Fortnite custom map that can play songs from the album in-game.

The custom map is called “Weezer World” and can be accessed through Fortnite’s Creative mode, where players can create and share their own custom levels using in-game tools and objects in a private server. Weezer World appeared alongside the launch of the game’s Season 8 late last week.

Check out some of the map in the video below, which contains an amusement park-like theme with games, a skate park, and Weezer’s logo plastered at the entrance and on the side of a mountain. There is also a jukebox that can play four songs off the band’s newest album, Black Album, which released on Friday, March 1.

Fortnite is no stranger when it comes with cross-promotion after it hosted two concerts by EDM artist Marshmello inside Fortnite: Battle Royale last month. Epic Games created its own multiplayer mode for both 10-minute sets by dropping all players onto the giant set at Pleasant Park and disabling weapons until the concerts were done.

Fortnite: Battle Royale and its Creative mode are free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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