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Fortnite Apple Locations: Where to Find Apples Fast & Easy (Week 2 Challenge)

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Fortnite Apple Locations: Where to Find Apples Fast & Easy (Week 2 Challenge)

Where to Find Apples Fast & Easy in Fortnite (Week 2 Challenge)

The Fortnite Season 8 battle pass continues the weekly challenges with a good mix of combat and non-combat activities. One such challenge requires players to recover 25 health by collecting fallen apples, each of which heals 5 hp. The mathematicians out there will have realized that you’ll need to find five apples to tick this one off. The trouble is, apples only spawn in certain locations. Here’s where to find apples fast and easy in Fortnite.

There are certainly some hot spots on the map to land if you’re looking for apples as part of the week 2 challenge. Let’s run you through them.

Fortnite Apple Locations

Loot Lakes

We’d recommend heading toward Loot Lakes. Specifically, the area on its northeast shore. There’s a cluster of tents in a camping area directly above the “E” of “Lake.”

Here you should find six or seven apples underneath a tree — plenty enough to get this challenge in the bag! But if they’ve already been nabbed, just keeping heading north along the shore and you’ll come across several more laying on the ground.

Fatal Fields

If you’d rather head further south then trying heading towards Fatal Fields. The area just north of the where the name appears on the map, right above the “F” for “Fields” is a pine tree with several apples around it… because, er, that makes sense.

Lucky Landing

There’s always Lucky Landing if you’re right down the bottom of the map. Directly north of the “D” in “Landing” is a square house, and in front of that house and just to the west are several apples laying underneath a tree.

That does it for what we consider the best places to find apples fast and easy in Fortnite Season 8 (week 2 challenge). For more useful information and guides on the game be sure to check out our extensive Season 8 wiki page.

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