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Fortnite 8.01 Update Adds Buried Treasure and Tournament Changes


Fortnite 8.01 Update Adds Buried Treasure and Tournament Changes

Epic Games released the patch notes for the 8.01 update of Fortnite coming to the game later today with very little new content and mostly fixes.

The Battle Royale received the most focus of the update with a new item called Buried Treasure, which is a map that can be used to find buried treasure chests around the map. Each found chest contains “a trove of legendary loot” and must be dug up with a pickaxe. Only map can be carried at a time and can be found on the floor or in chests.

The update also made changes to some loot availability. The Infantry Rifle and Clinger grenades have been reduced from both floor loot and chests. The Bottle Rockets introduced last month have also been vaulted.

Epic Games will be tinkering with a new type of tournament for Battle Royale with the update as a test. The Gauntlet Solo and Gauntlet Duo test events will have slightly different rules than usual.

For example, every match played will deduct two points from your overall score as a “bus fare,” though players will not have a negative score if past zero. Winning a match will net three points, second to 10th place will yield two points, 11th to 25th place will get three points, and every elimination is one point.

Check out the full list of rules in the official patch notes alongside the items added to the Creative mode and fixes for the cooperative Save the World mode. Fortnite began its eight season of new content last week, which completely shook up the Battle Royale map with a giant volcano and reworked the hero loadout system for Save the World.

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