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FIFA 19: Division Rivals Skill Rating Changes Explained

fifa 19, division rivals, changes, skill points

FIFA 19: Division Rivals Skill Rating Changes Explained

FIFA 19 Division Rivals Skill Rating Changes Explained

EA Sports has released a new FIFA 19 Pitch Notes update that gives us the lowdown on some changes that have come to the structure of Division Rivals. While it initially seems bad, it isn’t. Here are the FIFA 19 Division Rivals Skill Rating Changes Explained.

What the Division Rivals Skill Rating Changes Are

First of all, let’s cover how exactly Division Rivals has changed in FIFA 19. EA Sports has noticed that the spread of player bases in the mode’s divisions was unbalanced.

A very small number of players were in divisions one to three, with most being stuck in five and six, as is shown by a graph in the Pitch Notes article.

As you can see from the gold trophy on the PS4 version of FIFA 19, only 3.5% of players have reached division four in Division Rivals.

So, EA Sports has, as of March 28, changed the Skill Points required to be in each division in the mode. The points required for divisions ten to seven haven’t changed, but they’ve been reduced for each one above. The full break down is:

fifa 19, division rivals, changes, skill points

Image Credit: EA Sports

Therefore, you will be automatically be moved up to your new FIFA 19 Division Rivals division for the upcoming week. For example, if you have 1900 points and were in division three, you’ll now be in division one.

Matchmaking – FIFA 19 Division Rivals

You don’t need to worry about being in a higher division, though. Since you’re matched up against opponents by Skill Rating in the game, you’ll still be facing players of a similar level to you. Players who were in division three won’t suddenly be up against pro players by now being in division one.

The Pitch Notes piece reads, “With the skill based ELO system at its core, represented by your Skill Rating, you match up against players of a similar Skill Rating to play against throughout the week, as you compete for weekly rewards.”

FUT Champions Weekend League and Rewards – Skill Rating Changes

This also improves the rewards you are likely to get and how easy it is to qualify for the weekend league. Nothing has been altered in those areas.

Rewards, although fundamentally poorly designed, are better for everyone who’s in a higher division, unless you simply played to a level that made sense for the rewards you were getting and the time you were spending.

Also, it’ll now be far easier to quality for FUT Champs. The Qualification Points multiplier for each division of Division Rivals has remained the same. To use the example again, if you were earning 125 points per win in div three, you’re now going to be getting 500 per win in div one, against similar opponents.

It also means more players will be able to qualify for the weekend league, making it easier for players to get rewards.

Of course, there are likely some other reasons for EA Sports doing this, such as dwindling interest in The Weekend League from top level players, but it’ll be a good change for many.

That’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 19 Division Rivals Skill Rating Changes. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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