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Division 2 Specialization Guide: All Specializations & Which You Should Pick

division 2 specializations

Division 2 Specialization Guide: All Specializations & Which You Should Pick

Which Specialization You Should Pick in Division 2

The Division 2 is a whole lot of game, with occupied DC providing an incredible amount of content for a budding Agent to work through. Once you have achieved the lofty rank of level 30 and cleared a few Strongholds, the real fun begins. You will be able to pick a specialization, which will drastically affect how you engage with the endgame. But which to choose? Here’s which specialization you should take in The Division 2.


The Demolitionist

Sporting the Grenade Launcher, The Demolitionist is all about blowing things up, and looking damn good while doing it. With perks that increase damage put out by SMG’s and LMG’g, this specialization will suit players that like to support the rest of the squad and bringing the hurt in the form of big, loud guns. Some key Demolitionist skills include:

  • Incendiary Grenade – New grenade that deals burning damage
  • Artillery Turret – A new skill variant for your Turret skill
  • Demolitionist Tactical Link – Group members get 5% damage buff against targets out of cover
  • Braced for impact – Ignore an explosive once every 60 seconds

The Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter is your typical sniper class, and their signature weapon is the .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. With many perks to increase the damage put out by marksman rifles and other precision weapons, The Sharpshooter play style will appeal to players like to hang back, and end encounters with a single, well-placed bullet. Some key Sharpshooter skills include:

  • Flashbang Grenade – New blinding grenade
  • One in the Head – +25% Headshot damage
  • Sharpshooter Tactical Link – Group members get +10% headshot damage when they’re closer to the target than you
  • My Home is my Castle – Increased armor in cover

The Survivor

Equipped with an Explosive Crossbow, The Survivor is more of a generalist that is highly adaptable. With skills that can boost healing, the damage output of assault rifles and shotguns and buffs to the entire squad, The Survivor specialization is equal parts deadly and adaptable. Some key Survivor skills include:

  • Frag Grenade – New grenade that cause bleed damage
  • Triage Specialist – +25% Healing to team members
  • Survivalist Tactical Link – Group members have +10% damage against enemies with status effects
  • Scraping By – Get 5 ammo per second when moving cover in combat

Which Specialization You Should Choose in The Division 2

So at a glance, if you are the kind of player that likes to go in with the biggest, loudest guns blazing, The Demolitionist is for you. Players that favor accuracy and precision, and dropping enemies from the back ranks should look to The Sharpshooter specialization. And if you want to support your teammates, with either enhanced healing, or via the business end of an AR/shotgun, then the Survivalist is the way to go.

That should let you get a better idea for which specialization you want to take once you reach the end game. Remember, like all skills in The Division 2, you aren’t locked into anything, and you are free to change your mind and try out a different specialization whenever you like.

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