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Division 2: How to Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG

division 2, chatterbox exotic smg

Division 2: How to Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG

How to Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG in Division 2

Division 2‘s endgame is full of high powered gear to get your hands on. One of the best weapons in the game is the Chatterbox Exotic SMG. To give you a helping hand in the tough post-game combat, here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Chatterbox Exotic SMG in Division 2.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG Stats and Talents

The weapon is essentially a P90 variant that you’ll likely know if you’ve played any multiplayer shooter over the years. With a 60 round magazine, 700 RPM, and a damage output that varies on when you get it, it’s immensely useful. The talents that it comes with are:

  • Blabbermouth: While it is holstered, reloading your weapon within five seconds of getting a kill grants 20% rate of fire increase for ten seconds.
  • Incessant Chatter: Every shot that hits an enemy increases rate of fire by 1%, up to a max of 60%. The buff resets when reloading.
  • Box Magazine: When you get a kill, the magazine refills by 20% and a buff begins. The buff, which lasts for ten seconds, sees every shot that hits an enemy increase max magazine capacity by one, up to 60. Then, when getting another kill in those ten seconds the buff refills to the new max capacity.

How to Get It in The Division 2

Getting the Chatterbox Exotic SMG isn’t a simple case of finding it in a drop. You first need to get your hands on three components before you can craft it from the Base of Operations. The three components you need are:

  • Loaded Canister (Downtown East)
  • Creative Mag (Federal Triangle)
  • Modified Mods (Judiciary Square)

Each of the parts are random drops from Hyena crates. To open the crates around the world, you need Hyena keys, the info on how to get them can be found here.

However, while they are random drops, the components can only be found in crates in certain regions of The Division 2’s map. You can see in the list of components above where you need to head to find each of them.

The best way to find Hyena crates to get the Chatterbox Exotic SMG components is to simply replay the main missions or strongholds in each of the locations, opening the crates you find there until the components drop.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG Blueprint and Crafting

To actually add the Chatterbox Exotic SMG to your inventory in Division 2, you’re going to need to get the blueprint that allows you to craft it. Thankfully, it’s not a random drop.

To get it, you need to replay the Bank Headquarters mission that is in Downtown West on Challenging difficulty. If you’ve got all three of the weapon’s components, a crate will appear in the vault that will contain the blueprint.

Once you’ve got it, head to the crafting table back at the Base of Operation and combine the components that you have collected.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Chatterbox Exotic SMG in Division 2. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Division 2 wiki guide.

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