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Top 10 Best PSN Great Indoors Sale 2019 Deals Actually Worth Your Money


Top 10 Best PSN Great Indoors Sale 2019 Deals Actually Worth Your Money

As we make our way into the season of Spring, Sony has given players a chance of nabbing some great deals as part of its PSN Great Indoors Sale. There are thousands of products included in the sale, but we’ve worked hard to pull out the very best deals to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Before we dive into the deals, a few things are worth noting. We’ve left the PS3 and Vita games out of this in favor of bringing you the very best PS4 and PSVR titles, as these seem more relevant for the majority of you players out there. Further, we’ve listed the price in US dollars, but these titles are also discounted in other regions, too.

PS Plus Subscription – $44.99 (25% Off)

PlayStation Plus

Before we get started, one quick bonus offer. The Great Indoors Sale offers pretty huge discounts as it is, but if you’ve got a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll get an additional 10% off the prices we’ve noted (and all other sale prices).

What’s more, Sony’s offering up a healthy discount on this subscription during the Great Indoors Sale, too. That brings the price down from $59.99 down to $44.99, which is perfect for those whose subscriptions may be nearing an end. Even if it isn’t, you can just purchase this and extend your subscription length for another 12 months.

Best PSN Great Indoors Sale 2019 Deals

Statik – $9.99 (50% Off)

Statik doesn’t initially look like the action-packed VR title, and that’s because it isn’t. That doesn’t stop it from being one of the most enjoyable puzzle games not just on the PSVR, but on the PS4 as a whole.

Statik’s levels see your hands trapped inside a box, and you’ll need to use the various buttons of the DualShock 4 and some trial and error to set yourself free. It makes great use of the various capabilities of the DualShock 4, and will likely leave you wondering how you spent so long trying to figure the solution out.

For just $10, we can’t recommend a better game to give you a reason to dust off that PSVR, connect the maze of cables, and immerse yourself in a darn good game for the evening. There’s even a free demo to try before you buy in the Great Indoors Sale, too!

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