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The 7 Best Games to Look Forward to in March 2019


The 7 Best Games to Look Forward to in March 2019

Best Games to Keep on Your Radar in March 2019

Left Alive (Release Date: March 5)

Not much is known about Square Enix’s new survival action game Left Alive, but what has been revealed provides more than enough reason to be interested in how it will turn out.

Set in the Front Mission universe, the title puts players in the shoes of three different characters as they struggle to survive the Garmoniyan invasion.

This alien race boasts superior technology and fire power, forcing players to be tactical with when and how they attack. Some might require sneaking around to find an ideal point of attack, while others might be caught off guard by a sudden blitz.

Outside of combat, players also have to scavenge for supplies, ensuring they’ll be able to keep up their strength for the next assault.

It’s an interesting mix of mechanics and player freedom, and whether it proves to be the next big thing or a glorious train wreck, players won’t want to miss out on seeing what becomes of this project.

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