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Battlefield V Firestorm: Best Gadgets to Use

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Battlefield V Firestorm: Best Gadgets to Use

Best Gadgets to Use in Battlefield V Firestorm

Firestorm, Battlefield V’s long awaited battle royale mode, has finally launched and you’ll be running around the map looking for the best gear possible. To give you the best fighting chance, here’s everything you need to know about what the best gadgets to use are in Battlefield V Firestorm.

Best Gadgets to Look For

In Firestorm, pretty much anything that you can pick up that’s not a weapon is considered to be a gadget. EA has published a full list of everything that comes under the Gadget banner. It includes things like grenades and healing syringes.

As for what are the best gadgets to look out for, it depends on your approach and what you’re faced with.

Ammo and amor pieces are everywhere, so you don’t really need to pick up many of those in a hurry, but be sure to check houses and other buildings for items like high level Armor vests, which allow you to protect yourself with more armor, or Healing syrettes that replenish more health than standard health packs.

As for the best gadgets when it comes to explosives in Firestorm, the Geballte Ladung is a bundle of explosive that is excellent for taking out tanks and other vehicles.

Since enemies get a good advantage from being in a vehicle, having an explosive to counter them is vital, especially in the later moments of a Firestorm match.

Elsewhere, since Firestorm tends to be a slower battle royale experience, the S 35 Bouncing Betty is up there with the best gadgets in the game since you can place it in doorways and tight spaces during the endgame.

Reinforcements & Other Items in Firestorm

However, the most powerful and best gadgets in Firestorm come under the reinforcements banner. When capturing objective points, such as re-supply points or control points, you might be granted the chance to call in reinforcements.

They come in specific flare guns and are things like an Artillery Strike to use or a vehicle drop.

They’re all great to get your hands on, but the best of the bunch is the V1 Rocket, which sends down a devastating rocket to your surrounding area, taking out anything and anyone there.

If it lands in the right place, you can take out groups of opponents, particularly in squads play.

Honestly, though, the reinforcements are by far the best gadgets in Firestorm, offering much more on the battlefield than standard items.

That’s everything you need to know about what the best gadgets to use are in Battlefield V Firestorm. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Firestorm wiki guide.

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