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Are Pokemon Sword and Shield Open World? Answered

pokemon sword and pokemon shield

Are Pokemon Sword and Shield Open World? Answered

Are Pokemon Sword and Shield Open World? Answered

After recently being announced during a Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have been the talk of the town and being the next generation of Pokemon, people might be wondering, are Pokemon Sword and Shield are open world?

Some Pokemon fans seem to be a bit tired of the formulaic approach to mainline Pokemon games, such as battling eight gym leaders to then face the Pokemon League. Instead of the norm, it would’ve been pretty interesting to see a “Breath of the Wild” approach for Pokemon.

We’re sorry to disappoint those looking for a reboot of the Pokemon series, as it looks like (from watching the trailer) that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield aren’t going to be open world. Just like Pokemon games of the past, you follow several different routes that lead you to the next town/city/gym but we wouldn’t call it open-world.

Pokemon has never strayed far off from the beaten path, but if Game Freak does announce that Pokemon Sword and Shield take some risks when it comes to exploration, we could consider changing this answer; like if somehow, Game Freak made it possible to climb on top of houses and trees and stuff like Link. We doubt that would happen but you never know.

But just in case, we will make sure to keep you updated if anything does end up changing.

Well, that is everything that you need to know about if Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are open world. For more on the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, you can keep it here at Twinfinite.

And for more on Pokemon, you can check out our expansive wiki guides for several recent games, which we will list down below for you all:

And once Pokemon Sword and Shield release on the Switch later this year, we are sure to have a guide for that too.

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