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4 Ways Fortnite Season 8 Keeps Apex Legends at Bay


4 Ways Fortnite Season 8 Keeps Apex Legends at Bay

Ways Season 8 Improves Fortnite

Map Changes

Fortnite season 8, map

Map changes at the start of the season aren’t anything new to Fortnite introduced in Season 8. For a good while now, Epic Games has been throwing out old, rarely visited named locations in favor of new and exciting places to check out.

Heck, just last season the likes of Flush Factory and Greasy Grove were replaced by Happy Hamlet and Frosty Flights. It’s not the fact that we’re just getting new named locations, though, it’s the thought that’s going into Fortnite’s map.

Epic Games has made a concerted effort to focus on adding variety to Fortnite’s location, which makes Season 8 such a treat to play.

Over the past few seasons, Epic has slowly but surely been introducing the notion of various biomes across the map. We have the desert in the southeast, the iceberg in the southwest, and now we’ve got the jungle-y/ volcano/ pirate-themed area in the northeast.

This adds a ton of variation to the layout of these named locations. Rather than the likes of Greasy Grove feeling oddly similar to Tomato Town, or the way Anarchy Acres and Fatal Fields just felt a little too samey, almost every locale on the map now feels unique in its layout and your surroundings as you’re exploring it.

We’ve still got a good while before Fortnite Season 9 commences, but we’d be very surprised if the northwest corner of the map doesn’t get a ‘biome makeover’ next. And frankly, we can’t wait.

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