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10 4K & HDR The Division 2 Wallpapers Perfect for Your Next Desktop Background


10 4K & HDR The Division 2 Wallpapers Perfect for Your Next Desktop Background

The dollar flu has spread further than just New York, adversely affecting plants, wide-life, and humans all throughout the world in The Division 2. It is once again up to Division Agents to undo the hazardous changes that have happened as a result of the green poison. Here are 10 4K & HDR wallpapers perfect for your next desktop background.

Just like the original, the post apocalyptic-like setting has resulted in some eerily beautiful scenery. Instead of a snowy, closed off New York, The Division 2 showcases an array of different areas spread throughout the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Together with other agents, you’ll explore the open streets, tight corridors, and other varying environments that D.C has to offer, fighting enemies all the while. The result of these chaotic firefights is dilapidated buildings, areas filled with vegetation, and wildlife that make for some amazing screenshots.

Below we have featured 10 of the amazing 4K and HDR images from The Division 2 that would be perfect for your next desktop background.

The Division 2, wallpapers

It’s time to save humanity once again Division agents. Download

Division 2

No Police. No rules. Download

Division 2, wallpapers

Be sure to heed the warnings in Division 2. Download

Humanity must work together if they hope to survive. Download

Division 2

Keep your drone close. Download


The environment may take back the land from humanity. Download

The Capitol Building has fallen. Download


Survive the firefight in front of the White House against the rebel groups that look to feed on the chaos of The Division 2’s Dollar Flu. Download

Division 2

Explore the West Gallery and plenty of other close combat oriented spaces in Division 2. Download

Vegetation isn’t the only thing that covers the buildings of Washington D.C. The Dollar Flu is as dangerous as ever here. Download

That’s it for our Division 2 wallpaper roundup. For more information about the game, including our official review, be sure search throughout Twinfinite and check out our Division 2 Guide Wiki.

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