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Which Nintendo Mascot Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out

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Which Nintendo Mascot Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out

With Nintendo being around for as long as they have, the company has made several of their characters, specifically those in the Super Mario universe, iconic. These iconic Nintendo mascots all have unique personalities of their own, and we can all relate to them in several ways, whether it be our choice of food, our clothing style, or our profession.

If you decide to take this little personality quiz, you will then know for sure which Nintendo mascot you are most like. So, let’s begin and find out if you are similar to Mario himself or more like the beast that is Donkey Kong.

Which Nintendo Mascot Are You Most Like?

What Kind of Stuff Would You Enjoy Doing If You Were in a Video Game?
Oops, You Just Ran Low on Funds; How Do You Get Some Quick Cash?
What's One of Your Favorite Foods?
Dream Job?
Which One of These Movies Would Be Your "Desert Island" Movie
What Kind of Outfit Idea Do You Like Most?
Final Question: Which of These Traits Is Most Important to You
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