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Wargroove: How to Unlock Puzzle Mode

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Wargroove: How to Unlock Puzzle Mode

How to Unlock Puzzle Mode in Wargroove

Aside from the story campaign, Wargroove comes packed with tons of other additional content you can check out in your spare time. There’s multiplayer functionality, Arcade Mode, and even a slightly tricky Puzzle Mode to get into. Here’s how to unlock Puzzle Mode in Wargroove.

Unlike the other modes in the game, this interesting mode challenges you with interesting puzzle battles and different kinds of combative situations. Unlike regular battles where you can take your time to gather resources before moving your troops forward to attack, all battles in this mode must be won in one turn. Fail to capture the stronghold or defeat the enemy commander in that one turn, and you’ll need to restart.

Also unlike Arcade Mode in Wargroove, this mode isn’t unlocked right from the start. Instead, you’ll need to progress through the story before you can access it. Once you’ve completed Act 3 Mission 3 of the main story campaign, the game will inform you that you can now check out Puzzle Mode from the main menu.

Just head back to the main menu, choose Single-player, then choose Puzzle Mode to check out the full list of cool battles you can try from there.

This is a pretty good way of earning gold stars as well, as each battle you successfully complete will reward you with one star. Stars can then be used to unlock more artwork from the in-game gallery.

And that’s all you need to know about how to unlock Puzzle Mode in Wargroove. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. If you’re looking for some beginner tips to help you get started, or help on unlocking all commanders for Arcade Mode, we’ve got you covered as well.


Question: How do you unlock Puzzle Mode in Wargroove?

Answer: You need to complete Act 3 Mission 3 in the story campaign before you can access it from the main menu, via the Single-player option.

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