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Take This Quiz and We’ll Tell You Which Javelin You’re Piloting in Anthem

which javelin should you choose in Anthem

Take This Quiz and We’ll Tell You Which Javelin You’re Piloting in Anthem

Anthem has finally arrived, bringing a sci-fi epic adventure to our screens courtesy of BioWare and EA. One of the decisions you’ll need to make during the game’s opening moments is deciding which Javelin to choose.

For those unaware, Javelins are the cool Iron Man-like suits you’ve seen in all of Anthem’s promotional material that grant protection from incoming fire, and also enable you to fly around the world and hover in place. Not every Javelin is the same, though.

That’s why we’ve put together this quiz. By simply answering the questions posed down below, you’ll find out exactly which Javelin is right for your playstyle in Anthem.

Which Anthem Javelin Should You Choose? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Prefer a Role That's Simple or More Complicated?
If You Were Picking From Traditional RPG Classes, Which Would You Prefer?
Do You Prefer to Be Up Close and in the Action, or Hang Back and Deal Damage from Afar?
Which Special Attack Sounds Like You the Most?
Survivability or Agility?

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