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Metro Exodus: How to Get the Railcar (The Terminal Mission)


Metro Exodus: How to Get the Railcar (The Terminal Mission)

How to Get the Railcar in Metro Exodus (The Terminal Mission)

With Metro Exodus seeing Artyom and The Order leave the tunnels beneath Moscow, you need to do more than just slowly creep through dark and decaying corridors. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get the railcar in Metro Exodus (The Terminal Mission).

Towards the end of your time in The Volga (the winter open world section of Metro Exodus) you’ll be asked to go retrieve a railcar form a terminal on the other side of the map.

You need to railcar and the carriages so that you can carry more resources and people on your journey across the country. First of all, you need to get the drivable railcar from the decaying warehouse, before getting the empty carriages from a bandit camp.

Getting Into the Terminal in Metro Exodus

You need to get into the terminal by boat. From the Aurora, keep heading along the tracks towards the white X on your map (reach the map by pressing the touchpad/view, and pressing R2/RT). Just where the track splits, you’ll see a little hut by the water, which is where you’ll find a boat.

Jump in the boat and head forward, which is done in Metro Exodus by holding R2/RT. There’s a big gap in the building right in front of you – head through there. Keep following the path when you’re inside and you’ll row to an open area in the Terminal, where the water ends.

In front of you, you’ll see a burning barrel under a walkway. This is where you need to get out of the boat. Walk up the rubble to the left and you’ll be able to drop down to a platform on the right.

Navigating the Terminal in Metro Exodus

The aim in this room is to get to the right-hand side of the warehouse, to the right of where you entered. The best way to do is it to get to the back of the room and go along the walkway there, before circling round to the railcar and the control room.

From where you just dropped down, circle round to the right and go along a narrow corridor with water in the middle. You’ll be faced by some mutants here, as you often are in Metro Exodus. There’s a set of stairs to climb up at the end.

Turn right at the top of the stairs and you’ll go under some metal before seeing a handle on the floor that you can pull. Doing so will spin the big metal contraption in front of you so that you can walk through it.

Go through it and follow the metal walkway to the left, going up the stairs you’ll get to. If you follow it round to the right and cross the walkway that’s up high and goes across the whole warehouse, you’ll get halfway before a cutscene will play, seeing you knocked off into the water by the giant catfish. It’s no the first time you’ve encountered it in Metro Exodus and you’ll come across it again in a bit.

Once you’re out of the water, walk over the pipes and up the winding stairs if you see them. You can also climb to the top of what looks like a big container by finding a gap in its walls and climbing the ladder inside.

Run over to the other similar structure, and go down the winding stairs on the right of it, avoiding the mutants that are on top. You’ll then be able to climb under the railcar here, which is glowing blue. Helpful tip: a blue glow often indicates where to go in Metro Exodus.

Once you’re out of there, you’ll have to go left by the wall and down a ladder, then up the next one you see. The catfish will then take out a load of mutants and you will be able to follow the walkway as far as you can. It will take you to the next end of the terminal, by the railcar you’re after.

Getting the Railcar Out

You’ll eventually come across another circular contraption that houses the railcar. If you go down the stairs to the left of it, you’ll be able to crawl through a big pipe past some rubble.

You’ll then be able to climb up the stairs, where you’ll come across a big door that you need to open to get the railcar out. There will be a wheel on the wall to the left of it, which you can interact with.

metro exodus, railcar

In the room ahead of you, you’ll find another lever in the furthest left corner. Pulling that will spin the contraption around, allowing you to get to the railcar. This is also where you can kill the catfish to get a trophy/achievement, the full details of which you can see here.

You’ll then be able to climb into the Metro Exodus railcar and set off through the door you just opened. Now, you need to get the railcar carriages from the bandit camp.

Getting the Carriages

Keep driving the train forwards, keeping note of and trying to avoid the electrical anomalies. Two zaps and you’ll be dead. You’ll get to a part of the track where it splits. Jump out and pull the lever on the right, then jump back in the railcar and carry on.

Once you get to the bandit camp, which are usually shown in Metro Exodus by a red flag on top of a metal structure, you should stop before you reach it and head in on foot.

There are a lot of bandits here, and it’s is best to avoid them, at least while you can. What you’re looking for is a yellow ladder at on the right of the main building at the back of the camp. To get to it, the best thing to do is go through the old carriages on the right of the camp, taking out enemies silently if you need to.

Once you’re up the ladder, go to the right and through to the front of the building, where the train tracks go. You need to open a gate to the carriages so that you can continue the Metro Exodus story.

Through the door at the far end, you’ll see another lever. Pull this and the gate will open. The bandits will now definitely know you’re here, so hightail it back to the drivable railcar.

Once you’re in, drive forward, crashing through the barriers until you get to the gate you opened. Drive up to the carriage inside and you’ll connect with it.

Then, spin the railcar’s seat around so that you’re looking the other way and drive forward. The carriages should come along with you. You’ll go off to the left of the tracks and will be able to continue on to where the Aurora is. Metro Exodus’ story will then continue.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the railcar in Metro Exodus (The Terminal Mission). For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Metro Exodus wiki guide.

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