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Let’s Predict What Pokemon Announcements Are Coming in Tomorrow’s Direct


Let’s Predict What Pokemon Announcements Are Coming in Tomorrow’s Direct

Pokemon Direct Predictions

Generation 8 Is Revealed in a Trailer

The first thing that fans and myself thought of when we heard the announcement that a Pokemon Direct was happening, is the potential reveal of Generation 8 of Pokemon; AKA, the next mainline duo of games out for Switch this year.

During this 7-minute Pokemon Direct tomorrow (Feb 27), there is a bound to be a trailer for the next pair of games, as well as the titles, and of course, the three starter Pokemon that trainers will get to choose from.

We will most likely see how the new region looks, check out some of the Pokemon themselves, and more importantly, see just how the art style is compared to previous iterations like Pokemon Let’s Go.

The only thing that could spoil this party would be if we got another Metroid like announcement instead. Nintendo letting us know that the game is going to be delayed out of 2019 and that they’ll get back to us later with more information.

If that is the case, it would be super disappointing for sure, but the silver lining would be that it at least opens up the door to some other games that wouldn’t have been possible without the calendar freeing up for more Pokemon. Including a port that would be very timely.

Detective Pikachu…On Switch

Guy, I don’t know if you are all aware, but there is a live-action Pokemon movie coming to a theater near you, making a port tie in alongside that film release a very logical move for Nintendo.

Pokemon, and especially Pikachu, is a household name at this point and what better way to advertise both the film and the video game series, with an upgraded Detective Pikachu port for the Nintendo Switch.

The game did just come out on the Nintendo 3DS in early 2018, but the 3DS is kind of on its way out now at this point. Detective Pikachu is coming out in theaters this May, so getting the news that Detective Pikachu is coming to Switch this summer, wouldn’t be the craziest thing, right?

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