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League of Legends Patch 9.4 Looks to Shake Up Meta and Fix Bugs

League of Legends patch notes

League of Legends Patch 9.4 Looks to Shake Up Meta and Fix Bugs

Patch 9.4 for League of Legends is just about to ship, and Riot has nerfed several champions that we’ve seen for months in competitive play.

Patch 9.3 left a lot of players wondering how so many of these champions flew under the radar, but Riot seems to have finally hit them all at once. Here’s a quick summary of these nerfs:

• Base damage and single-target damage of Q nerfed

• Mana cost and base damage of W nerfed

• Mana cost and cooldown of Q nerfed

• Mana cost of Q nerfed
• Mana cost and shield strength of W nerfed

• Base attack damage nerfed
• Critical strike multiplier of Q nerfed

Along with these nerfs, Rek’Sai and Zed and receiving buffs while Sylas is going through a mix of changes. Rek’Sai and Zed have been absent from competitive play for months, and both have sub-50% win rates according to

Another big change coming in this patch will be to Conqueror. This Keystone Rune now reads as follows:

“Damaging attacks and abilities grant 3–15 adaptive force (levels 1-18) for 3 seconds (8 seconds for melee), stacking up to 5 times to a max of 15–75. At 5 stacks, 10% of your damage against champions is converted to true damage and you heal for that amount.”

Several bug fixes are also being made in 9.4, notably these:

  • Rengar’s Q now does 30 damage at level 1 as intended (previously did 70, which is a major head-scratcher).
  • Kalista can no longer cast E when she has insufficient mana.
  • Chargeable abilities (Varus Q, Xerath Q, Pyke Q, etc.) no longer bug out and turn invisible while being charged.

Finally, there will be a few new Papercraft skins available starting on this patch, shown in the official highlights video:

Despite Riot releasing a teaser for their reworks, Kayle and Morgana are both left out of these patch notes. Patch 9.4 will be live on the North American servers in a little over two hours from the publish time of this post.

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