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League of Legends Summoner Crown Capsule Free for Twitch Prime Members

League of Legends

League of Legends Summoner Crown Capsule Free for Twitch Prime Members

Twitch Prime Members who link their League of Legends accounts with the service can now claim a free loot capsule. The announcement was made earlier today on the Twitch Prime Twitter account with a brief description of what players can expect from it.

The capsule contains one random Permanent Skin, a Ward Skin, and a Summoner Icon. You can claim this loot from now up until Apr 3. It is random so there is no guarantee you’ll get what you were looking for, but hey, it’s free so it’s better than nothing.

This isn’t the first time you could receive free in-game loot for League of Legends through Twitch Prime. Riot Games officially teamed up with Twitch last October to start a series of free loot drops for people who used both services.

Of course, that isn’t all that’s free this month with Twitch Prime. You can claim some sweet indie games right now as well. Both Pikuniku and Downwell are free this month, as well as the Starter Edition of Final Fantasy XIV for PC that comes with a free 30-day subscription.

Needless to say, it is a pretty great month to be a Twitch Prime Member. These promotions update fairly often too so always make sure to check that you aren’t missing out on anything epic if you happen to be a Twitch Prime member.

Remember if you have Amazon Prime you also have Twitch Prime so be sure to take advantage of these perks. If you aren’t sure how to link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch then you can follow this guide over on Twitch’s website.

You can play League of Legends now on PC.

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