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League Director Release Page Appears on Official League of Legends Website

League of Legends camera

League Director Release Page Appears on Official League of Legends Website

League Director, the Replay API tool for creating fancy League of Legends videos, now has an official release page on the League of Legends website.

Although the tool has been available on GitHub since early in the month, Riot continues to support the tool this week with a fully designed release page. This page explains some of the application’s features and helps legitimize it as an official Riot creation, whereas the GitHub page may have come across as a little confusing to some.

The page states the following:

“League Director is open source, meaning community developers can create their own copies with new features and modify and release them as they wish. Download and fork your own version from the Riot Games GitHub, or check out the Replay API on the Developer Portal. If you want to get more for making content, apply for the League Partner Program.”

Here are some of its features:

  • Control replay playback and speed
  • First-person camera controls
  • Attach camera to champion or minion
  • Toggleable interface elements (HUD, health bars, notifications, etc.)
  • Wide range of graphical options (field of view, shadow direction, depth of field, etc.)
  • Wide range of sequencer options (timeline, undo/redo, adjustable keyframe blending, etc.)
  • Video capture in WEBM or PNG format
  • Customizable key bindings

This tool has been long-awaited by content creators and is likely one of the core components behind some of the awesome visuals in League of Legends montages and highlight videos that you’ve recently watched.

League Director is currently only available for PC and in English, and it’s out just in time to capture footage before the Kayle and Morgana reworks.

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