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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Get to 100 Acre Wood

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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Get to 100 Acre Wood

How to Get to 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 3

100 Acre Wood is one of the many worlds you’ll get to visit in Kingdom Hearts 3, but you can’t access it with the Gummi Ship like you normally would. Here’s how to get to 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Fans of the series will know that 100 Acre Wood is basically a staple of the Kingdom Hearts series at this point, so of course you’ll be able to visit Pooh and friends in this entry as well.

After completing your first world in the Misty Stream location, you’ll receive a phone call from Chip and Dale informing you that Merlin has a message for you. We got the phone call after completing Monstropolis, but you should receive it if you did Arendelle first as well.

Next, head to Twilight Town and go to the Grand Bistro to find Merlin sitting at the table. He’ll pull out a familiar book, allowing you to visit Pooh’s world for the first time in Kingdom Hearts 3.

You don’t have to complete the world’s story then, as you can leave whenever you want. You can always come back later to complete the rest of the mini-games. Whenever you want to revisit Pooh and friends, just go back to the restaurant in Twilight Town, and examine the book on the table. This will take you straight back to 100 Acre Wood.

Completing the world will reward you with a new Keyblade, like every other world in the game. There’s no combat here, and there’s no Heartless to fight, so this can be a good world to visit when you need a break from all the fighting.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 3. Be sure to check our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.


Question: How do you get to 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: You’ll first be able to visit it after completing either Monstropolis or Arendelle. You can get there by examining the book on the table outside the restaurant in Twilight Town.

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