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Jump Force: How to Juggle Opponents and String Combos

Jump Force, Juggle, String Combos

Jump Force: How to Juggle Opponents and String Combos

How to Juggle Opponents and String Combos in Jump Force

If you truly want to succeed while playing against other players in Jump Force, you’ll want to learn how to juggle opponents and string combos together as soon as possible. Here’s how to juggle opponents and string combos in Jump Force.

Why Juggling Is Important

Like other arena battle fighters, Jump Force can be played as a button masher and super move spammer, but this goes out the window as soon as online play is involved.

The game hides deceptively deep and fun gameplay, and if you don’t understand how to play it properly you’ll quickly be trounced by opponents you encounter online.

Key among the gameplay elements you’ll want to have down in Jump Force is knowing how to juggle opponents and string combos, both of which are integral to dealing as much damage as possible and keeping your opponent from dealing damage to you.

How to Juggle in Jump Force

To successfully juggle and string combos though, you’ll have to be aware of a few other gameplay elements.

First off, there’s the speed and length of your character’s combo to consider. While each character’s combos are typically the same length, the speed at which they’re delivered can vary slightly from one combatant to the next.

Test out your characters of choice in Jump Force to get a good handle on their basic attack combo’s length and speed, and experiment with how they work versus other characters.

After you’ve done this, you’ll have an easier time of juggling your opponents. This can be done by maintaining a combo to its completion and keeping your opponent cornered during combat.

Keep an eye on your opponent and unleash a combo when they’re near the boundary of an arena.

If they use a teleport dodge to escape in Jump Force, bide your time until you have a lock on them or they try to attack you, then use your own teleport dodge and execute a full combo to resume juggling while they’re waiting for their dodge to cool down.

How to String Combos

You can also string together combos in Jump Force by using the above technique and adding super attacks to the end of your combos. This can be done by holding down the R2 or RT button and selecting an attack with one of the face buttons.

Aim to use your super at the very end of your combo to maximize damage, then lock your opponent into another combo once they begin to fall along the arena’s boundary.

These strategies may take some practice to pull off, but once you do you’ll be well aware of how to juggle opponents and string together combos in most any fight.

Jump Force is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more tips, tricks and secrets, check out our Jump Force guide wiki.

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