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Jump Force: Can You Change Teams? Answered

Jump Force, Change Teams

Jump Force: Can You Change Teams? Answered

Can You Change Teams in Jump Force?

Jump Force is full of ways to make your created character stand out, not least of which being to choose between the game’s three teams at the start of the story mode. Of course, some people may get second thoughts and wonder if you can change teams in Jump Force.

To put it plainly, no. The team you choose at the start of the game is the one you’re stuck with, and will remain the team you’re tied to for online events and the like.

Why Can’t You Change Teams in Jump Force?

This design choice is largely to keep the game balanced and prevent players from switching to another team while they’ve pulled ahead in online events.

If players were able to change teams at will, they could easily exploit the rewards players on a certain team earn for doing the best among the game’s three factions.

This could likewise lead to a heavy imbalance between the three teams, and as a result make online play less fun than it otherwise could be.

Will Players Ever be Able to Change Teams?

For the reasons stated above, switching teams is incredibly unlikely to ever be a feature Bandai Namco Entertainment ever adds into Jump Force.

That said, if you’re desperate to play for a different faction, there is one method you can fall back on. Players can join a different team by signing in from a different profile with no prior data tied to it.

This will, however, mean starting the game over from scratch, and will require the player to re-earn every ability, skill and character customization option they’d earned under their original user profile.

Hopefully this clears up whether you can change teams in Jump Force. For more tips, tricks and info, check out our Jump Force guide wiki.

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