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Jump Force: Can You Change the Language? Answered

Jump Force, Change Language

Jump Force: Can You Change the Language? Answered

Can You Change the Language in Jump Force?

Much like the many anime and manga series it’s based off of, Jump Force can be found featuring voice tracks from both English and Japanese voice actors. As such, players are probably wondering if you can change the language in Jump Force.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Players are unable to change the voice track from the Japanese dub with subs to a full English dub. What you hear is what you get.

It’s a little unfortunate – and a bit of a let down considering the popularity of English dubs among the western anime and manga fandom – but it’s not a move that is completely out of the question for Bandai Namco Entertainment to make.

Why Can’t You Change the Language in Jump Force?

Focusing on the primary demographic of fans for a game’s release isn’t unheard of. Doing so ensures or atlas increases the likelihood of a baseline of profits and sales from a title.

For Jump Force, that means focusing on the Japanese fandom, who have the biggest reason to go out and buy Jump Force.

The bulk of the game’s source material anime and manga readership and viewership comes from Japan, and as such they’ll be the main priority when making a game based on the anime and manga.

Will Players Ever Be Able to Change the Language?

There is a slim chance that with enough demand, Bandai Namco Entertainment could create an English dub for Jump Force and release it as a free update or DLC.

However, this would only happen if the demand were so high it could ensure an exceptional increase in sales of the game in the west.

As such, it’s a much safer bet to simply enjoy the game for what it is, and try to enjoy the game even if the Japanese Dub voices for characters aren’t the ones you’re used to.

Hopefully, this cleared up whether you can change the language in Jump Force. For more tips, tricks and info, check out our Jump Force guide wiki.

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