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Far Cry New Dawn: Who the Judge Is

Far Cry New Dawn, the judge

Far Cry New Dawn: Who the Judge Is

Who the Judge Is in Far Cry New Dawn

Since Far Cry New Dawn takes place soon after the fallout of Far Cry 5, plenty of overlap can be seen in plot points, locations, and characters for both games. But while there is plenty of surface level information linking the two titles, many have begun to wonder if any secrets are hidden that flesh things out even more. One of the most talked about Far Cry New Dawn mysteries is who the judge is, a silent ally who works for New Eden.

Here is everything you need to know about who the Judge is in Far Cry New Dawn. Just keep in mind that this will spoil the canon ending to Far Cry 5 and events from New Dawn.

*** Spoilers Ahead ***

The first time you meet the Judge will be in Eden’s Gate, acting as the Father’s shadow. Rocking a hooded brown jacket and a white wooden mask, this silent figure is certainly imposing upon first glance.

You can use that intimidating figure to your advantage in-game though, recruiting him as part of the Guns For Hire system. His perks include stealth, feral friendly, and harsh judgment.

So how does the Judge link to the events of Far Cry 5? First, you need to remember the ending that resulted in Far Cry New Dawn.

The newest iteration’s story takes place using the finale where Far Cry 5’s antagonist, Joseph Seed, detonates a nuclear bomb across Hope County. This creates the wasteland that is present in the newest game.

Before the credits roll though, we see Joseph dragging Rook to an underground bunker. The game ends with him waking up to Seed proclaiming that he is apart of his family now.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it worked, right? That might still be in question if it weren’t for Far Cry New Dawn’s quest, “The Prophecy.”

The Prophecy

In this quest, you’ll head to the bunker that Joseph and Rook (the Deputy) were present in at the end of Far Cry 5. This is where the mystery begins to unravel.

Spread throughout this area, you’ll find notes hinting to the fact that Seed wanted to show the Deputy the way. While slightly vague, every indication points to the fact that he was successful in doing so, turning Rook into the Judge in the process.

That is everything you need to know about who the Judge is in Far Cry New Dawn. For more information, be sure to check out our extensive Far Cry New Dawn guide wiki.

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