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Enderal Forgotten Stories: How to Use Blueprints

Enderal Forgotten Stories, blueprints

Enderal Forgotten Stories: How to Use Blueprints

How to Use Blueprints in Enderal Forgotten Stories

Enderal Forgotten Stories has Skyrim fans pumped. The total conversion mod is set in its own world with its own world, detailing unique lore and a gripping RPG story. More than just its immersive world, there’s an overhauled skill system and new gameplay mechanics. One such mechanic is forging items via the use of blueprints. Here’s how to use Blueprints in Enderal Forgotten Stories.

What Blueprints Are For

Essentially, as we have mentioned above, blueprints are used as part of the crafting process, either at the forge for items and heavy armor, or at drying racks for light armor and backpacks. It is a somewhat clunky process this time around, though, as you can’t consume the items as you would in the base game.

When you go to a forge as you would in the original Skyrim, you will only be able to craft the items related to the blueprints in your inventory. You must have them on your character in order to forge the item.

Additionally, in order to actually use them, you must meet the Handicraft Skill requirement of that Blueprint. Typically, this is listed on the blueprint.

Leveling the Handicraft Skill

Raising your Handicraft skill is done with a skill point separate to memory and learning points; it is listed in your character menu. You will earn points for reading certain books, just like you would for other skills in the base game.

That is all the information you should need about how to use Blueprints in Enderal Forgotten Stories. For more useful guides and tips on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite. We’ll have plenty of coverage on the game in the coming weeks as we dive deeper into our playthrough.

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