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5 Super Dark Gaming Creepypastas that Will Give You Nightmares


5 Super Dark Gaming Creepypastas that Will Give You Nightmares

5 Creepiest Gaming Creepypastas


Everybody knows Sonic – he’s that charismatic blue hedgehog who’s always around to save the day. You wouldn’t think he’d be a target of creepypastas (and no, we’re not talking about his movie), but here we are with Sonic.EXE. The tale starts off like any other, with a warning about how playing the game will lead to your death.

The story centers around a teenager named Tom who had gotten a mysterious package that contained a game from his friend. The sender had apparently been playing Sonic.EXE and urged his friend to destroy the disc before a mysterious entity came around to killing him.

Tom decided to boot up Sonic.EXE and try it out for himself, which obviously wasn’t the smartest idea. The game came with a slew of bizarre imagery, such as Sonic with pitch black eyes, dead animals littering the stages, Tails fleeing for his life, and some fourth-wall breaking. Needless to say, the story didn’t end well for Tails, Knuckles, and Tom, who were all hunted down by the blue blur.

You can catch up on the full creepypasta here, but what better way to experience the story than playing the game yourself? Fans of the story have made a full recreation of the entire Sonic.EXE game you can download here.

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