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Crackdown 3 Dev Offers Free Bonus DLC and Timeline for Fixes

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Crackdown 3 Dev Offers Free Bonus DLC and Timeline for Fixes

Crackdown 3 is receiving a free DLC content pack while the developer announced a small roadmap of fixes for various issues and bugs in the game. The Crackdown 3 development team broke down the series of updates coming to the game into five points for the short video.

The first issue talked about was Xbox party support in the Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode. The team said the support should becoming within two to three weeks, and had sent Xbox engineers to Elbow Rocket in Scotland, which developed the multiplayer for Crackdown 3, to “accelerate the work.”

The second issue dealt with bugs concerning saves with the campaign co-op with a fix scheduled for Monday, Feb. 25. The other issue with forcing the campaign co-op to be capped at 30 FPS on Windows 10 PC will be fixed by unlocking the framerate, but is still in testing due to “networking issues.”

The team mentioned they will continue to monitor the game for any additional bugs or issues, but said over 30 bugs have been fixed that are coming in the next title update.

The final point was the addition of a free bonus DLC pack for all players. The pack contains Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit, the armored SUV Linebacker vehicle, and the Quackhammer rocket launcher that shoots rubber ducks. Players will be able to access the new content by visiting any Supply Point in-game after downloading the pack.

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