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Is Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

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Is Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

Will Apex Legends Come to Nintendo Switch? Answered

Apex Legends is quickly gaining popularity among battle royale fans looking for something new. It certainly provides a different sort of experience from conventional military-sim-style games that dominate the genre. But is Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch? Here’s your answer.

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch is fast-becoming the industry’s hottest-selling games console, it’s no secret that the hardware doesn’t pack the punch of the PS4 or Xbox One, and obviously not modern PCs, either. That makes developing ports of new AAA games a bit of a challenge.

Of course, we’ve seen some very decent ports already launch on the console, such as DOOM and Wolfenstein. But what about Apex Legends?

Well, unfortunately, for now, the game isn’t available for Switch players. Although there may be future plans to port the game.

Speaking in an interview, Respawn’s Lead producer on the game, Drew McCoy, was asked whether there were plans to release Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch or mobile devices. He said in response that the team had “”nothing [they] can currently talk about.”

While that is by no means hard evidence that there’s something in the pipeline, it definitely isn’t a categorical no. We’ve asked many developers about Nintendo Switch ports of popular games, such as, say, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and have been immidiately shut down.

So there’s hope yet. But for now, no, there’s no confirmation of a Switch version of the game.

That’s all the information we have about whether Apex Legends will come to Nintendo Switch. For more handy tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.


Question: Is Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

Answer: There has been no official confirmation that the console will receive a port of the game, but Respawn has suggested there is some sort of plan that they can’t yet share.

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