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Anthem: How to Mute Other Players

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Anthem: How to Mute Other Players

How to Mute Players in Anthem

Anthem is a game that heavily encourages teamwork, as up to four players take on hordes of enemies in devastating Javelin suits. While playing with others is essential to the experience, sadly, you might not always encounter the friendliest or easy to get along with players. For those times you might want to mute or ignore them, so here’s how to mute players in Anthem.

If you aren’t playing Anthem with friends the game will automatically matchmake you with random players, if you have your game type set to public. In these cases, you might encounter someone being abusive, or all around annoying. Sadly, it does happen.

Luckily, Anthem will let you mute these players and even let you avoid matchmaking with them in the future. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, if you’re in the Launch Bay you can directly interact with other players by walking up to them and holding down Square (X). This will bring up a little menu with three options, and the middle one titled “Ignore” will let you mute them and will prevent future matchmaking. Just be careful as only clicking the option once will do it, there’s no confirmation screen or anything.

If you’re out on a mission in Anthem, however, you won’t just be able to walk up to a player and interact with them. In these cases, you need to open the map screen with the touchpad on PS4, or the Options button on Xbox. Now tab over to the Social section where you’ll see a variety of options.

By selecting squad you can then select each person on the immediate squad you’re playing with, and by pressing X (A) on their name you’ll once again get the little menu with the Ignore option. By selecting Session you can see every player in the current session, so this is handy if you’re out free roaming.

Finally, if you navigate all the way down to your Ignore List you can see every player you’ve muted and ignored, and even undo the action if you want to.

That’s everything you need to know about how to mute players in Anthem. For even more tips and guides makes sure to search Twinfinite, or you can check out our ever-expanding Anthem wiki.

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