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How Long Anthem Takes to Beat

how long Anthem is and how many missions there are

How Long Anthem Takes to Beat

How Long Anthem Takes to Beat & How Many Missions There Are

BioWare has been busy putting together another sci-fi epic to enjoy in the form of Anthem. Put in the shoes of a Freelancer, players must scour a new alien planet and clear any threats to humanity. Some players may be wondering just how long Anthem takes to beat and how many missions there are.

How Long to Beat Anthem’s Campaign

In our first playthrough, we managed to beat Anthem’s critical mission path in about 13 hours. After which, we were greeted with the credits rolling and the end game section began.

It’s worth noting that you can spend longer than 13 hours playing through Anthem, depending on how many contracts and other side activities you want to dive into. Not to mention sprucing up your Javelin until it’s just right.

How Many Missions There Are

There are 21 main missions in the game before you hit the end game content such as the Challenges of the Legionnaires. We’ve listed all Anthem missions down below.

Before doing so, though, it’s worth keeping in mind that the mission titles listed below may reveal some slight story beats that you may consider Anthem spoilers.

  1. Silence the Heart of Rage
  2. Early Warnings
  3. Welcome to Fort Tarsis
  4. Lost Arcanist
  5. Lighting A Fire
  6. Incursion
  7. Finding Old Friends
  8. Meeting With Corvus
  9. Tombs of the Legionnaires
  10. The Tomb of General Tarsis
  11. The Fortress of Dawn
  12. Triple Threat
  13. Inverse Functions
  14. Convergence
  15. Crafting The Dawn Shield
  16. Mysterious Beginnings
  17. Dear Diary
  18. Vanishing Act
  19. Freelancer Down
  20. Repairs and Inspiration
  21. Return to the Heart of Rage

After completing the 21st and final story mission in Anthem, you’ll watch the credits roll down your screen and then you’ll be free to start grinding out your Pilot level and overall power level.

Fear not, if you’re looking for things to do after beating Anthem, we’ve got you covered.

That’s all you need to know about how long Anthem is and how many missions there are. For more tips, tricks, and guides for this sci-fi adventure, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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