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Another Eden: How to Get & Use Scrolls

Another Eden, how to use scrolls

Another Eden: How to Get & Use Scrolls

How to Get and Use Scrolls in Another Eden

Another Eden has tons of different materials and resources you can use on your adventure. One particular item, the scroll, is a handy tool used for your units. That said, here’s how to get and use scrolls in Another Eden.

What Scrolls Are

If you’ve been taking up tons of quests, chances are you might have seen a scroll in your inventory. While they might not seem like much, these items are extremely valuable and can save you tons of time when grinding.

These scrolls are essentially used to level up your units on the spot in Another Eden. If you have any low-leveled units or just want to cap off a character at max level without grinding, you can use this item to do it.

How to Use Scrolls in Another Eden

To use scrolls, open up the main menu and click Party. Look for any character and press Status to bring up their personal page. Beside their avatar, you should see a “+” icon that’s also next to the EXP bar. Click that bring up the EXP+ Item menu.

Another Eden, how to use scrolls

Another Eden, how to use scrolls

From there, you can choose to use your items to level up your selected character. There are three types of scrolls in Another Eden:

  • Low Class
  • Medium Class
  • High Class

The High Class type gives you characters the most EXP, while the Low Class type is perfect for small boosts. You can also use more than one scroll on your unit to level them up faster.

How to Get Them

These handy items are actually pretty hard to get hold of in Another Eden. If you’re low on these resources, you can get more as a reward by doing certain side quests. Similarly, you can get some by exploring the Another Dungeon, which you can unlock after clearing the Tower of Time.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to get and use scrolls in Another Eden. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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Question: How do you get and use Scrolls in Another Eden?

Answer: Scrolls in Another Eden are used to level up your units in the game. They can be earned by completing side quests, as well as exploring the Another Dungeon. To use them, open the main menu and select the ‘Party’ option. Select the character you want to level up and press the Stats option. Now, select the ‘+’ next to their name, and you’ll be free to choose the Scroll you want to use.

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