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Another Eden: How to Get Chronos Stones

Another Eden, how to get Chronos Stones

Another Eden: How to Get Chronos Stones

How to Get Chronos Stones in Another Eden

Having tons of characters gives you more choices when building the best team. While you can get some new units through the story, the best ones are locked behind the Gallery of Dreams. If you want stronger characters, here’s how to get Chronos Stones in Another Eden so you can recruit more units.

If you’re looking to bolster your party with stronger units, you’ll need to recruit them through the Gallery of Dreams. To do so, you’ll have to hand over Chronos Stones, which is the game’s premium currency. If you manage to collect 1000 stones, you can pull off a multi-encounter that comes with 10 characters that guarantee at least one 4* unit.

Chronos Stones are rare to come by in Another Eden, and it’ll take you around a few chapters before you can even attempt to do a multi-encounter pull.

Here’s all of the different ways you can get Chronos Stones in Another Eden:

  • Complete both the main quest and side quests. They’ll reward you with a small sum of Chronos Stones each time you complete it.
  • Earn some awards. You can pull up these tasks by pressing Menu > Records > Awards. You’ll earn stones each time you cross off a task from the list, from slaying a particular enemy 20 or 100 times to collect 10 types of a certain weapon in Another Eden.
  • You’ll also earn stones from your daily log in. Claim the first batch from your Inbox through the menu option. The second free batch is tucked away in the payment screen, which you can pull up by pressing the “+” button next to your Chronos Stones when you pull up the main menu. You can claim them in Another Eden every day when they at 10 AM ET.

You can also choose to buy Chronos Stones with real money. Just remember that buying stones doesn’t guarantee any of the best units in the game since the characters you get always boil down to luck.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to get Chronos Stones in Another Eden. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

Here are some guides to help you out:


Question: How do you get Chronos Stones in Another Eden?

Answer: These can be obtained a number of different ways in the game. You can earn these as a reward from your daily login. These are also given out as ‘Awards’ in the game for completing challenges like defeating an enemy a set number of times. Finally, Chronos Stones can be earned by simply playing through the main and side missions of Another Eden.

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