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The 4 Worst Games of Q4 2018


The 4 Worst Games of Q4 2018

Worst Games of Q4 2018

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man

Where do we start with The Quiet Man? I mean, its accolades trailer literally pokes fun at how bad the game was received by critics and users alike, so that probably tells you a lot.

The Quiet Man intends to be a narrative-driven, action experience that follows a deaf protagonist. So, even when there should be dialogue audio in conversations, there’s not.

There’s muffled noise throughout, and while protagonist Dane is able to communicate easily with other characters in conversations that drive the narrative forward, you’re left trying to figure out what’s going on.

When The Quiet Man isn’t trying to be some edgy interactive movie, it’s a bland 3D action beat ’em up that would feel right at home in an arcade from decades ago.

You’ve got one button to kick, another to punch, one more to dodge, and finally a finisher you can activate from time-to-time. Thing is, you’ll never have to dodge, as the cut-and-paste enemies just take your beatings. They don’t try and fight back, so you can button mash your way through battles as the animations clip through enemies almost every time.

The Quiet Man may be attempting something unique with its deaf protagonist and interactive movie vibes, but it doesn’t know how to execute them in a remotely enjoyable way.

It’s not just one of the worst games of Q4 2018, it’s probably one of the worst games of this generation period.

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