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Which JRPG Stereotype Are You?

JRPG archetype quiz

Which JRPG Stereotype Are You?

JRPGs, such as Tales of Vesperia and Kingdom Hearts 3, are home to some of the most iconic stories in video game history. These tales are brought to life by colorful characters, usually molded by certain archetypes. We’ve all seen the dashing hero who saves the day or the gifted cleric who heals their team and keeps them together.

Some of us probably see ourselves within these characters, and we can’t help but wonder just how we’d act like in our own game. While you won’t be embarking on any grand adventures anytime soon, you can answer these simple questions to learn more about your fantasy self.

If you’re wondering just which JRPG character archetype you resonate with, take this quiz to find out. Are you destined to be the hero or the sidekick? Or maybe you’re the hero’s love interest? Let’s find out.

Which JRPG Stereotype Are You?

You're about to leave town for your first real adventure, what weapon do you bring?
Which main villain stands in the way of your journey?
Pick your most important trait.
Which quote defines you?
How well do you get along with others?
Do you like responsibility?
A boy lies injured on a deserted road, the first thing you do is...
Where do you position yourself in combat?
Would you rather lead or follow?

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