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Top 5 Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games of 2018


Top 5 Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games of 2018

Top 5 Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games of 2018

5. Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler, Switch, best selling

Editor’s note: All Switch sales figures are either from Nintendo’s official financial data page, last updated Sept. 30, 2018, or through official sales statements.

Selling 1 million units by Aug. 3, 2018, as well as surpassing 175,000 sales in Japan after its first week of release, JRPG throwback Octopath Traveller was a Switch library standout which featured a 16-bit, nostalgic aesthetic through “HD-2D” visuals and an impressive, nuanced combat system.

A tour-de-force of fantasy tropes, lying between familiar tales of a Knight’s honor and the sizzling, sordid story of a Dancer scorned, Octopath Traveler held a spotlight to each of the game’s eight protagonists as their tales tentatively wove into one.

Focusing on traditional, turn-based combat with a twist, Octopath’s combat plays like an evolved Bravely Default. Players can bank turns to power up for future rounds, before unleashing extremely powerful versions of selected moves, each battle demanding explicit strategy.

Each character drew from a pool of their own class skills, later able to equip additional classes to fabricate even more devious strategies.

Linking and synergizing skills, characters, and classes whilst banking and blowing boost points are what made Octopath’s toothsome battles memorable.

In our review, we praised Octopath Traveler for its unique visuals, compelling stories, and sweeping soundtrack, which is about to be remixed in a new, official album coming Feb. 20, 2019.

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