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PS4 vs Xbox vs Switch: Which Console Won 2018?


PS4 vs Xbox vs Switch: Which Console Won 2018?

PS4 vs. Xbox vs. Switch: Which Console Had the Best Year in 2018?


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Sony’s 2018 has kept the wheels turning on what has been a steamrolling three or so years at the head of the industry. The PS4 has stayed one step ahead of the competition by putting content at the heart of its strategy.

It’s taken time to come to fruition, but it’s absolutely paying dividends now.

Critically acclaimed AAA titles such as God of War, Spider-Man, and Detroit Become Human continued to hammer home the message to gamers that the PS4 is the place to game.

Elsewhere, clever third-party exclusivity deals with companies like Level-5 and Square Enix has helped build a narrative that Sony’s console offers the most diverse range of content.

Revisiting old classics and generally playing on gamer nostalgia was also a big part of Sony’s agenda in 2018.

Remakes like Shadow of the Colossus and the Spyro series proved a huge success. Although the PlayStation Classic, Sony’s own mini-console similar to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic, wasn’t terribly well put together.

Importantly, though, Sony is managing to keep its hardware steaming forward by approaching consumers from all angles, from cutting-edge new content to playing to nostalgic heartstrings. It’s been an impressive strategy to watch unfold.

Other key strategic decisions have helped bolster the PS4 brand outside of content, too.

The revised thinking over cross-platform play after a backlash of negativity and the impetus to finally deliver on PSN name changes has gone some way to prove Sony is still thinking about its consumers despite its comfortable market lead.

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