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Portal Knights: How to Start the Chen Spring Festival Quest

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Portal Knights: How to Start the Chen Spring Festival Quest

How to  Start the Chen Spring Festival Quest in Portal Knights

The survival action RPG Portal Knights is currently holding timed events, the Spring Festival and the Emperor’s Courier. The events are available on all platforms, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, and will last until Feb. 22. Here’s everything you need to know about how to start the Chen Spring Festival Quest in Portal Knights.

Completing the quests in these events will grant you a variety of rewards including exclusive Spring Festival themed items and island, which you can keep after the event closes.

To activate the festival, you will need to talk to a character called Chen who needs your help. To find his house, you will need to activate the Emperor’s Courier event and warp to his location. Chen will be waiting for you in a small shack.

Talk to Chen and he will tell you that he is from a far off land and has come seeking a hero who can help defeat an evil that has corrupted his emperor. He will tell you to break the chest next to him to find an item that will take you to his home.

Smash the chest and you’ll receive a Magical Dragon Statue, which is a consumable item. Use the item and you will be teleported to a bright and sunny island. You have now reached the Peach Tree Fields, which is the location of the Spring Festival and Emperor’s Courier events.

Now you will have access to all the limited time content that the event provides, including exclusive quests, items and resources. To continue on, you’ll want to speak to Kong in the Peach Tree Fields and follow his quest line.

That’s all you have to do to start the Chen’s Spring Festival and Emperor’s Courier content for Portal Knights. If you’re interested, be sure to jump in before the event ends on Feb. 22.

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